Welcome. We hope that you will join us (twitter: cufarafpts) and help make sure that our legislators do what is needed to stop messing around with our Public Transportation System (PTS). It is the goal of this site, to offer people from all walks of life the ability to aggregate their individual power into a single cohesive voice that will allow for us to collectively support our personal and social needs for a robust and fair PTS.

It is the view of this group that all Peoples in the state of Massachusetts can and do receive support from a robust PTS.

This is for people who:

  1. Are our most vunrable and rely on the PTS to provide dignity in the act of independance from relying on others for transport.
  2. Elderly citizens that rely on the PTS to provide access to food, healthcare, etc.
  3. It is also for hard-working people who choose to not deal with the stress of driving to and from work each day.
  4. A person of means that can choose to make a personal choice to not increase needless carbon emissions.
  5. For businesses who understand that public transportation provides not only consumers, but workers as well.
  6. It is for the socially driven individual who understands the interrelationship between transportation and our under privileged populations.
  7. It is for the student who, wants to have the self dignity that comes from not having to be driven by someone else to every event they go to.
  8. It is for the parent that can’t afford to drive and pickup their children from school each day and wants to know that they have a safe and reliable means to get to and from their house and school.

In short, it is for any individual that understands the interdependence that we as a community in Massachusetts have with our PTS and that is willing to take a stand and REQUIRE our legislators provide a real solution to have a robust and fair PTS for the entire community.