While I feel for the folks that want to “fix” the immediate problem that is hurting us … that is, the cuts/fare increase, we need to do more. Further, while I agree that we need to fix the debt problem ( it is the only way to even remotely keep the PTS in any shape at all). I DO NOT agree that we should stop there.

We need to keep the momentum moving to make the system more robust than it is now.

We need to get the legislature to adopt a formal policy not putting unfunded mandates out for the MBTA. If it wants to add or update something, then it should be paid for by the legislature to the tune of something like 70 or 80 percent.

We need to get the federal government to work with our public and private sector to create cleaner more energy efficient PT vehicles.

We need to work with local mayors and city councils to work on ways to improve incentives at the city/town levels to encourge more use of the public transportation system.

In short, we need to move on from the mentality of “what we have is good enough” to “what we have needs to be better”. Better in its use of resources, better in its service to the public, better by making sustainable choices (as opposed to our current mode where the next generation has to pay for this generation’s choices).